good people


Shae Brown

Shae is a woodworker, graphic designer, and web designer located in Sylva, NC.  When she is not working on these pursuits, she is obsessively remodeling her home (as a wannabe interior designer and architect), raising money for Type 1 diabetes research for a cure, and acting as a pancreas for her 10 year old son.  


 Robert Burch

Robert began working with glass while still in high school in Atlanta, Georgia. He continued to build his skills with several master glass artists, including Tadashi Torii in Georgia, and Martin Blank in Seattle, where he worked for Chilhuly, Inc.  Burch splits his time between Colorado and NC.  He does all of his glass work using renewable, green energy in the glass studios at the Jackson County Green Energy Park in Dillsboro, NC.


Leigh Anne Young

Leigh Anne was influenced creatively by her grandparents' attitude of make it, grow it, or make do.  When she isn't spending time with her husband and two boys, she can be found working in her kitchen garden, tending to her chickens and bees, or making a creative mess in her house.


James Stewart-Payne

James is a seamstress, artist, and mama who has been making whimsical, artful creations from cloth for both children and adults. A long-time vendor at the Jackson County farmer’s market, she recently added teacher and librarian to her list of responsibilities.


Greg McPherson

Greg is an instructor of studio art, as well as exhibit designer for the Fine Art Museum at Western Carolina University.  He is the steward of an antique hotel in downtown Sylva, where he also operates a small independent gallery.


Braden Bowers Henry

Braden has lived in Bryson City since the 1990’s. She loves being active in the outdoors with her husband and daughter as often as she can. She has a passion for helping the people of her community through her various occupations of doula, massage therapist, real estate agent and potter.